Wham! Amazon Rs. 500 Gift Voucher for Free!

Wham! Amazon Rs. 500 Gift Voucher for Free!

WHAM! is one of the genuine apps that offers rewards in the form of whams for viewing ads of around 10 seconds. These whams can be exchanged with many exciting gifts like Amazon Gift Vouchers, earphones, Speakers and much more for free! All you have to do is view 3 ads daily to earn Whams and repeat the process everyday to earn sufficient whams and get exciting gifts. With this Wham! new offer, you could get a Amazon Rs. 200 or Rs. 500 vouchers easily for free.

Wham! is offering Rs. 200 or Rs. 500 Amazon Gift Vouchers when you refer this app to your 5 friends or 10 friends respectively. This means, if you want a Rs. 200 Amazon Gift Voucher for FREE, all you have to do is refer Wham! App to your 5 friends and refer to 10 friends if you want Rs. 500 Amazon Gift Voucher.

This is a limited time offer so loot this Amazon Gift Vouchers as soon as you can.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You need at least 400 whams for Rs. 200 Amazon Voucher and 1000 whams for Rs. 500 Amazon Voucher.
  • You need to refer 5 or 10 friends on the same day before Amazon Gift Card gets stocked out as your referrals won’t be counted in the next day.
  • The stock of this exclusive Amazon Gift Card offer is limited which is restocked every other day.

How to get Rs. 200 or Rs. 500 Amazon Voucher?

  • Login to your Wham! Account via Wham! App.
  • Click on Exclusive Cards tab as shown in the image.
  • Check if Amazon Gift Cards are in stock. If yes, refer your 5 friends one by one before it gets stocked out and get Rs. 200 amazon voucher. You need to refer 10 friends in order to get Rs. 500 Amazon vouchers.
  • Enter the mobile number of your referred friend at the “REDEEMED CARDS” option. Do thiss for each 5/10 friend as per your wish.

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Wham! Amazon Rs. 500 Gift Voucher for Free!
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