How To Successfully Place Order in Flash Sales of Amazon!

We are introducing a Chrome extension to help you order Amazon Flash Sales, Lightning Deals and mobile flash sales like Redmi Flash Sale! This is your all in one Flash Sale Helper which has many other features that will help you in Amazon flash sales and Lightning deals.

This extension has almost everything you need if you are a smart shopper and want to be one step ahead of others. This extension helps you order Lightning Flash deals and also Redmi Flash sales easily.

Install the Extension in your Chrome Browser

Before continuing, install our Amazon Flash Sale AutoBuy extension from Google Webstore to grab Lightning and Flash sales of Amazon!

What this AutoBuy Amazon Flash Sale extension has?

  • Auto Grabber to click on lightning deals as soon as it comes!
  • Redmi Auto Clicker especially crafted to book Redmi Phones deal easily!
  • Upcoming mobile flash sales’ dates also updated regularly!
  • Generating Amazon timer links for the Lightning deals, read more about Timers further in the post!
  • Automatically notifies you if there is any Redmi Flash Sale!
  • Sends you hand-picked latest deals via notification!
  • Plays alert sound if it successfully gets the deal to get back your attention!
  • Adjust the speed at which it grabs the deal!

What is Amazon Timer Link and how to generate one?

Amazon Timer link gives you a separate webpage for any specific lightning deal under Today’s Deals page of Amazon. This makes it easier to focus on that product’s lightning deal only. If your doubts are not yet cleared, just go on and try this feature yourself!

How to generate Timer Link with our extension?
Just visit Amazon’s Today’s Deals page and right-click on any deal you see there. From the right-click menu, just select Timer option and you will be redirected to Lightning Deal Timer page! See the below image for more clarification:


How to Successfully Place Order in Redmi Flash Sales of Amazon?

We will show you how you can easily order any item in Redmi Phones in flash sales with this script. This extension supports most of the Xiaomi phones, not only Xiaomi Phones but you can also easily order other phones available in flash sales which are hard to get. Just open the Amazon AutoBuy extension in your chrome browser and select any of the available phones you wanna buy as in the image!


How to Successfully Buy Lightning Deals of Amazon?

We will show you how you can easily order any item in lightning deals in flash sales with this script. Visit Amazon’s Today’s Deals page and choose any upcoming deal you wanna buy. Right Click on the deal and go to its Timer Page. At the timer page, click on the start button under the “Auto Deals” tab of the extension. After starting, justs wait and it will catch the deal for you.

auto lightning deals order

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